After a serious injury to my back six years ago, Mark Pukmel began making home visits for medical massage. After my back improved, Mark continued to make home visits which I find very relaxing after a day at work. Despite the stresses of the day, Mark always revives my energies. Mark is professional, caring and most knowledgeable in the application of massage therapy. I believe Mark's experience in massage is equaled by none. It is a bonus to have Mark provide home visits. Without hesitation I recommend Mark's talents to renew and energize your mind and spirit.

Ann Hatfield CEO

Mark is a massage therapist/touch healer who is sensitive to the human body. He combined different touch and sound techniques that helped to speed-up my recovery time from several surgeries. When you meet Mark you will be in the presence of a caring and gentle soul who's focus is to be of service to all that he touches.

Noreen Kauahikaua

Something that has recently come up for me is to find what I seek in my own backyard. No sooner had I arrived at this, with the help of my friends, did Mark appear in my world. Mark's massage is divine and the gracious healing he offers has had a profound effect on my personal evolution and sensitivity to the energies which surround us. Messages and clearing happens spontaneously throughout the session as I am able to take a deep dive into my subconscious underworld. The energy of Mark's space is clear and conducive to a connection with Spirit. At least this is what I find. I am so grateful to have found him.
Humbly yours,
Jill V

Jill V.

I was very pleased when I was referred to Mark. I always found that massages helped me relax and re gather myself. With Mark it is much more. I originally went to Mark with extreme pain in my knee and back. My chiropractor relieved it a bit but it was always there and after a day was back to full intensity. After one session with Mark not only was I totally relaxed but totally out of physical pain. Just for that it was well worth the hour drive to get to Mark’s office from my home. While out of physical pain, I still had a lot of emotional pain that seemed to be blocked and keeping me back even after many years of psychotherapy. I did not think a massage therapist was ever going to help that. I found out that Mark is much more than a massage therapist. On my next visit, Mark added Reike after I mentioned I was interested and open to the practice. He also added tuning forks and medicine bowls. After that visit I left feeling not only rejuvenated but more alive and clear headed. After the next two visits I feel that not only am I physically better but I am no longer emotionally and spiritually blocked. Mark’s intuition of my needs, were right on. I feel Mark is a truly gifted healer and our meeting was divinely arranged.

John E.

It is very easy and pleasant to review Mark. Because the only thing we can say is a wonder after the other and this is due to the trip Mark is taking you, from a physical point of view Mark's strong and sensitive hand will do a great job restoring wherever it should. And less important or as important is the spiritual part that Mark knows to put on it, and that massage is not only being done with the hands but also with the spirit, and is a trip that is very enjoyable.

All of us we need that in regular life and this is the case.

thank you Mark

David Schestenger, Artist

Mark is such a giving human being. He is also without a doubt one of the most gifted massage therapists I've ever known. He has such a wide array of training in Western and Eastern healing techniques (and continues his training constantly), including the use of tuning forks, bells, medicine bowls, drumming and much more. The experience with him is a magical journey in which he fluidly incorporates all these modalities into each session. Mark is a wonderful human being and simply extends himself to what is needed.

Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D

Mark takes one beyond the ordinary experience of massage. In addition to relaxation, relief from muscle tension and soreness he brings a unique element to every session using drumming, tuning forks for vibrational balance, and Reiki to assist the bodies natural ability to heal itself. His approach is eclectic and serves the needs of body, mind and spirit.

Lorene O'Connell, Licensed Massage Therapist

Mark puts his entire focus on you and displays a sort of enthusiasm that makes you feel like you're being well taken care of. He uses a variety of techniques that make for a complete healing, not only in the body but on an emotional level as well. When he finishes you have this feeling like "wow, that was awesome! I've been going to the wrong therapists". Mark really gives it his all, every time.

Rick Riecker, NYS DOT Engineer

When I first met Mark, his manner and personality put me at ease. I had neck and back pain and couldn't turn my head to the left. After a few massage and stretching sessions my pain was gone and my mobility returned. He was professional and knowledgeable. I trust him.

Willis McCree, Executive Director, American Red Cross of Dutchess County

When I came to Mark I was in unbelievably bad shape with scars all over my body pulling me into contortions and preventing me from all but the most limited motion in my torso and limbs. Through months of intense therapy, Mark patiently worked at my muscles and scars as well as on my range of motion through stretching and has played a critical role in restoring my body to near normal movement. He soothed my spirit through the trauma of the experience and never once made me feel awkward about my now severely altered physical condition. Mark is an inspired therapist and a friend.

Maria Heng

Mark Pukmel's massage sessions are among the best. He treats the body with care and compassion and his interest in his clients as whole people is genuine, sincere, and equally healing. After Mark's massage I am always relaxed and ready to return to life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Tom Cowan, Author

After several hours on horse back, I find the need to get my legs and back loosened up. Mark gives a great massage that is specifically tailored to what I need. My muscles recover much faster after his massage !

Karen Lancaster, CEO

Mark gives more than just a massage. He has a deep spiritual sensitivity to the human body's connection to the rhythms of the earth and a kindness that is rare to find in the healing arts. Mark's massage is vigorous and his hands express a deep knowledge of his craft. Whether the massage a person seeks is for relaxing pleasure or for serious medical problems, Mark brings soothing balance to the body and to the spirit just the same time. You walk away feeling revitalized and at peace with the world. Mark's massage it truly exceptional.

Mark Hopkins, Artist